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About us

Gus Ferguson is an NHS Stop Smoking Coordinator who is Level 3 trained. He is also a graphic designer and cartoonist who has worked in Public Health since 1992. He holds the CAM Diploma in Marketing and is a qualified teacher of Art and Design.


Margot Richardson
was a writer and editor with more than 25 years’ experience in publishing.
She held the CIM Professional Diploma in Marketing and also worked as a marketing manager at Sussex University. Sadly she died in 2011. We try to work to her high standards.


We would also like to thank:
Camilla Peterken who trains stop-smoking facilitators, and has advised on the CO leaflet's content. Gus was lucky enough to run groups with her for Surrey PCT as well as doing stop smoking sessions for BA and Seiko. Margot designed and edited some of her excellent handbooks.

Micromedical made the first CO monitor to show fetal %COHb. Their monitors are really easy to use and really well built.

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